Advanced Skincare Aesthetics


  • Monika is practicing at Calida
  • An experienced aesthetician
  • Advanced skincare aesthetics 
Skincare Aesthetics
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Skincare Aesthetics


Introducing Monika

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I’m Monika and I live and work in Hertfordshire. I have degree in Bioengineering and I worked in Medical Research for 12 years. I had a break to raise my kids and to work on family business and now I’m finally ready to pursue my true passion in skincare. My love/hate relationship with skin began when I was 13 and diagnosed with Psoriasis. I understand skin problems more then I wished for…I had many difficult times in my life due to my illness and I deeply believe that above all the goal is a healthy skin and not a perfect skin as this is impossible. I’m a firm believer in preserving natural beauty, normalisation of facial features and not alienisation. I’m here to help you to confront the passing years with grace and the strength of your natural beauty and bring your beauty from your loving heart.

Monika practices at Calida Beauty. To check availability, to book treatments and check on pricing click here. 


What treatments categories will Monika provide at Calida Beauty?

  • Hifu

  • Cavitation & RF tightening

  • Plasma Pen

  • Facials and Peels

  • Skin boosters

  • Mesotherapy & PRP

  • Other skincare services including Fat dissolving, and Microneedling 

    For further details please go to or  Click here.


When will Monika practice at Calida Beauty? 

Monika is practising at the clinic

  • Tuesday          10am to 2pm
  • Wednesday     10am to 2pm
  • Thursday          2pm to 7pm
  • Friday              2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday         10am to 5.30pm

. For availability, pricing and to book click here 



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