Microblading & Micropigmentation

Regain perfect eyebrows 

  • Saves time
  • Long lasting results
  • Smudge free


Microblading & Micropigmentation
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Microblading & Micropigmentation





Microblading before and after of a recent client

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  • Are you fed up applying makeup to your eyebrows or lip liner?
  • Do you want to save time applying your makeup & have confidence in the result?

Microblading or Micropigmentation provides you with a brilliant solution.


The benefits of Microblading and Micropigmentation

  • Will save you time
  • Will provide you with natural looking eyebrows or lip liner, hassle free
  • Long lasting results
  • A safe and quick process
  • An effective solution to regain perfect eyebrows
  • Smudge-free
  • Wide selection of coloured pigments to match your hair and skin


Price from: £70


What is Microblading and Micropigmentation?

It is a cosmetic procedure to create long-lasting eyebrow and lipliner definition. These procedures are considered to be semi-permanent because the coloured pigments are deposited below the dermal layer and cannot be washed off like make-up.


What is the difference between Microblading and Micropigmentation?

The key difference is that Micropigmentation can last longer than Microblading. Micropigmentation does fade with time and disappears after 2 -3 years, but, with top-ups can be permanent. Microblading can last between 6-12+ months but, can appear more natural.


How does it work? 


Microblading is only used to enhance eyebrows. Microblading is a relatively new technique, one that as opposed to permanent makeup is just semi-permanent, meaning it can last for up to 6 -12+ months, but after that, it will wear off. The reason it lasts less than permanent makeup is the hand tool that is used. Microblading is carried out using a hand tool with a specialist microblade. The hand tool allows the therapist to make highly accurate superficial scrapes to the eyebrow that follow the direction of the eyebrow hair. Please note that Microblading Eyebrow Top-Up must be within 12 months of the original treatment in the Clinic.


Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattoo that uses specialist cosmetic equipment to implant coloured pigments into anesthetised skin with the objective of enhancing your eyebrows and lips. You might come across micropigmentation being referred to by several other names: semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup and permanent cosmetics.


Do these treatments hurt?

Your therapist will apply a local anaesthetic cream to the area being treated which is applied 30 minutes before treatment begins. This reduces any discomfort that you may experience.


Consultation and patch test

Microblading and Micropigmentation treatments require a consultation and a patch test to ensure that there is no allergic reaction at least 24 hours before your first treatment at our clinic. To book a free consultation and patch test now please click here.


Price from: £70

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